Monday, May 4, 2009

Dave has to die.

Lat me start this by saying I love my husband. Really I do, id I didn't there is no way I would put up with this insanity.

Saturday I was sitting on the couch writing away. Billy and Ethan were downstairs playing a game leaving me to struggle through my segue in peace. I have transitions I really do.

So I am sitting there writing/scribbling and minding my own business when Billy comes up and sits next to me. That's not a problem I think I may have even grunted hello. Lord knows sitting with me is not enough though he has to LIE on the couch and put his feet up by my head. ACK feet get them away!

That is how it all started. I spazzed and tried to shove his feet away without actually touching them. This is actually even more difficult than it sounds. Eventually I snapped my shit and told him if he didn't move them then I would be forced to take violent actions and stab his toe with my pen. Not wanting to be acused of not listening to be he moved them.... SO THEY WERE TOUCHING MY BODY.

This, so far as I am concerned, was an act of war and a full out wresting match ensued. Eventually I had him pinned in his coner of the couch using MY feet told hold him there and went back to writng. Every time I put pen to paper he shook my book. He wanted to know if he was in my book. No dear but if you keep driving me crazy you will be AND you will die a slow and horrible death.

Apperently this sounded intriging to him because he continued with the foot harassment and book shaking. He was warned I will name his character Dave. There were no plans for a Dave in my book but I think I can work one in. Disembowlment sounds painful but I am open to suggestions.