Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey life, leave me alone

Why is it whenever I get into a good groove for something life comes along and demands I do something else?

Take yesterday I was reading "Camera Shy" for Lori and my phone rang like a BILLION freakin times. Oh and of course it was not telemarketers or people I could otherwise ignore It was my boss and husband and my other boss.

Then after I finished reading I set out to make supper and do the house work I was supposed to do during the day, HAH yeah right. My cat came in covered in sheep manure. Kitty bath time :) let me tell you King Kong (yes my cat is named after a gigantic fictional ape) does not like water. What I wanna know though is where did he find sheep shit to roll in, I mean really I am stuck in the middle of suburban hell, there are no sheep around here.

I think he may have pissed off a mage kitteh

Moving on I get Ethan to bed and head towards a nice hot tub after which I will work on my current book. Along comes Billy and asks "are we watching Heroes tonight". So after unleashing a string of mental explicatives that would curl a sailors hair I gave up. I had to watch last weeks heroes on the comp (because I fell asleep last week) and then go up and watch this weeks episode.

So nothing of great importance (except Lori reading) got accomplished yesterday and since I am sitting in front of my comp at the moment I think it is safe to say nothing will be accomplished today either.

Well except maybe starting a chapter or two of my reread of "Camera Shy" well MAYBE just MAYBE I will start twilight today as well. After all it is better to mock - I mean criticize- a book that you have actually read because otherwise you just sounds like an ass regurgitating the opinions of others.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Talk dirty to me

I have been in a rather musical mood of late so I figured what better to blog about than my current musical interest.

I don't care by Fall out boy is my current favorite song. Listening to that even makes housework fun. I love it IMO it has all the components of a great song. It is well written, has a good beat and a singer who is actually capable of singing.

I think that last part is the most important. In fact I will listen to a bad song with a good voice. Take Gavin Rossdale's recent release of love remains the same. Really the song its self is not that spectacular but his voice just entrances me. I told Billy the other night I could listen to that man sing a dictionary.

The lead singer to Hinder is another example of this. While I would listen to Gavin sing a dictionary I would listen to him sing a thesaurus Lips of an angel is an awesome song but I am more than willing to listen to him sing his crappy songs like Better Than me on repeat as well.

I guess I have a 'thing' for a certain type of voice. Those raspy, deep, almost growly voices make me weak in the knees.

I may be a happily married woman but Jhonny Rzeznik talk dirty to me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crazy Bitch

OMG the bitch is fucking CRAZY, there is no other word for her. Oh you probably wanna know who I am talking about right? My main character.

See I was having problems with my segue I knew where the story had to go but I was having difficulty making it go there. Turns out that is because miss crazy bitch turned out to be a serial killer. I had no PLANS for her to be one in fact it kinda flies in the face of my whole outline but she apparently has a mind of her own.

So now that I have reconciled the fact that she is a completely sane serial killer the story is making progress again. It will make much better progress if I ever get a lap top but what can ya do?

In other news

My 6 year old has discovered Beastie Boys, Oh nothing makes me prouder than hearing him sing about how his mom stole his best porno mag. Why do other moms get kids who love the gummie bear song and mine is into Alice Cooper and Motley Crue?

It should be interesting at parent teacher interviews next week

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I have an interview for child care with a new family in 3 hours. I also have dirty dishes in the sink, a pile of laundry, floors to mop, a shower to clean and a child to make look presentable (giving up on that last one).

Oh yeah this is gonna be SMOOTH.

In other news I took Ethan to a food drive movie yesterday. They were showing the Polar express at the theater and admission was food. Great sounds liek good cheap fun .... did I say fun I meant torture.

Figuring it would be kinda busy we showed up an hour early. we waited in line 45 mins for our tickets. THEN we needed popcorn. Ethan had a gift card to cover that, yeah except they have a new system and the card would not work ..... goodbye money.

The movie malfunctioned, the arcade ate my change, and then I had to go straight to work when it was over.

Jesus is it Monday yet? I need a nice slow school day.

Oh did I mention I am also procrastinating because I SHOULD be cleaning and preparing for an interview right now?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello wall

So I have hit a wall. The problem is not that I am out of ideas or anything like that. No I don't have anything so poetic as writers block. I just can't focus long enough to put anything good on paper.

I am so bloody stressed out right now that my writing is choppy and has no flow at all. It seems a cruel joke of nature that my ADD flares up when I am stressed out and need to work out a valid solution.

I KNOW where I need my story to go next, I KNOW what point I need my stupid bitch of a main character to make in order to get there but I am unable to enact a smooth transition.

In other news I am job hunting again. The family I babysit for recently experienced a lay off and will no longer require my services. WHY WHY WHY does this shit always happen right before Christmas

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time, I lack it

I have REALLY been meaning to update this but holy fuck batman I cant get 10 mins to myself. well except now when I obviously have time to type.

So I left off at Halloween. I believe you could probably quote me as saying I love Halloween, I recant.

After school six kids came over to watch Halloween specials eat cookies and then join me for a supper of worms and eye balls (they decided meat balls look more like eye balls than brains). There was minimal drama when one parent tried to take a kid home so they all stayed to trick or treat with me and their parents met us here at 6.

So there I was (stupid me) thinking wow these kids are being SO good and there is only one of me to six of them (age 1,2,5,5,6,8) so when we add 3 more grown ups to the mix it should get easier, Um NO.

See what happened was at 6 when we were getting ready to go there was no longer a clear chain of command for them to follow so all hell broke loose. We did after 20 mins though get them out of the house and no one was bleeding (at least not profusely)

So we go trick or treating and once we get on the street it starts going pretty smooth. I only screamed twice both for walking into a street although I yell to get off the grass a few times.

I dressed up and went trick or treating as well. SOME people refused to give me candy. Those commie bastards are so gonna get it. I was gonna egg their houses but though they might figure out It was me so I decided to wait until Christmas eve, Fuckers will never see it coming.

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