Friday, October 24, 2008

I did it

Yeah I made one, ok so this is my second blog BUT it is one that I have no intention of giving to my overly judgmental family and friends although I may let a few of the cooler ones hang out.

Now all I need is something to write about but I am stuck on the topics of WHY it is ok to eat a container of frosting after going to the gym, how badly I want Alice Cooper, and why Iron Man should be considered pornography.

None of these however seem all that urgent so instead I think I will go play with the lay out and see what I can do for funz


  1. 1) Can I be counted as a cool person? :D

    2) I've never seen Iron Man YET but I'll buy the DVD as anything with RDJ in it is worth watching in my book.

  2. Yes you can as long as you swear you are not my mother stalking me :)

    I have to say I am not a huge RDJ fan as I generally tend to think he has date rape face but he totally transforms me into an inarticulate drooling idiot every time I watch that movie.

  3. I probably shouldn't laugh at the phrase 'date rape face' but I did.

    And he wouldn't have to ask me twice.

    Oh, and I'm not your mother in disguise. I really AM a small blonde person from the UK. Unless that describes your mum too?