Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My wife is crazy

That is totally what my husband was thinking yesterday. I met him for lunch and I was discussing am email I had sent to a priest I know because I needed some info about Catholicism for Valkyrie. The following conversation ensued.

Billy - Why do you need to know about confession?

Me - Because my MC is Catholic and is feeling really guilty about something so I want to know how it works. I am also wondering if other people could guess how bad you were by how long you were doing the rosary thing.

Billy - What did she do?

Me - Accidentally killed someone.

Billy - If it was an accident why not go to the police?

Me - Because it happened during the commission of a crime.

Billy - What crime?

Me- Breaking and entering.

Billy - I thought she was a good guy??? (insert thoroughly confused look here)

Me - She is, he had a gun though so she tried to disarm him.

Billy - Yeah but she was on his property so he was within his rights to pull a gun on her.

Me - Well it's not like she broke into his house.

Billy - What? I thought it was a B&E. Where did she break into.

Me - A brothel.

Billy - God this is going to be weird isn't it (referring to my WIP)

Personally I don't get what is so weird about breaking into a brothel, accidentally killing someone and then feeling bad about it. Honestly I am not even 100% sure she is going to kill dude but whatever. Weird or not though when this beast is finished he will tell me how awesome it is because he knows how I love to have my ego stroked. Then I will send it to someone who won't lie in an effort to get a blow job.


  1. Hahahahahahaha that last line of your blog post had me in stitches. :D

  2. Agree with Scarlett about the last line. HAHHAHAHAHAHAAHA

    At least you haven't had the "so, how is it a romance if there are no female main characters?" conversation with your husband...