Friday, April 10, 2009

Tapping away at the keys

So I am finally transcribing again, and with that comes editing. It is a slow process and if I try to speed it up and my non existent typing skills start to show but is is progress all the same. I have a lot more written than last time I updated and have a much more definitive outline.

I wish I could type as fast as I think. If that was the case this thing would be done already. I know most of what is going on and have hammered out the dialogue in my head. Grammar is a different story but that is what editing is for. I hope to have my first draft done by the time we move in August so I really have to concentrate more on writing and less on the other stuff in life.

Right now the thing that is subtracting most from my progress is Battlestar Galactica. We are watching the series on DVD and my love for Apollo is interfering with my love for Valkyrie. Don't get me wrong I still have great love (and almost no loathing) for Valkyrie but Apollo is messing with my schedule.

For those not in the know here is Apollo.

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