Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So I'm a freak

Writing these days is hard. I was doing quite well for a while even if the end product ended up being shelved or needs a complete rewrite but at least I was writing. What happened ... AW.

Logically AW should help me with the writing process but instead it gives me an ulcer. OK maybe not an actual ulcer but definitely some unexplained stomach pain. I was thinking it was because I got too hung up on all the "rules" but the truth of the matter struck me in the face today.

I was reading a thread about those who claim to want to write but never do. Someone mentioned that fear of failure hold many back and I kinda laughed because the opposite is my problem. Failure is something I can live with. Commercial success with an imperfect product is not.

I was to follow the rules and produce perfection or die in oblivion trying. Problem is people can't agree on the rules other than adverbs are evil.

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