Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hey life, leave me alone

Why is it whenever I get into a good groove for something life comes along and demands I do something else?

Take yesterday I was reading "Camera Shy" for Lori and my phone rang like a BILLION freakin times. Oh and of course it was not telemarketers or people I could otherwise ignore It was my boss and husband and my other boss.

Then after I finished reading I set out to make supper and do the house work I was supposed to do during the day, HAH yeah right. My cat came in covered in sheep manure. Kitty bath time :) let me tell you King Kong (yes my cat is named after a gigantic fictional ape) does not like water. What I wanna know though is where did he find sheep shit to roll in, I mean really I am stuck in the middle of suburban hell, there are no sheep around here.

I think he may have pissed off a mage kitteh

Moving on I get Ethan to bed and head towards a nice hot tub after which I will work on my current book. Along comes Billy and asks "are we watching Heroes tonight". So after unleashing a string of mental explicatives that would curl a sailors hair I gave up. I had to watch last weeks heroes on the comp (because I fell asleep last week) and then go up and watch this weeks episode.

So nothing of great importance (except Lori reading) got accomplished yesterday and since I am sitting in front of my comp at the moment I think it is safe to say nothing will be accomplished today either.

Well except maybe starting a chapter or two of my reread of "Camera Shy" well MAYBE just MAYBE I will start twilight today as well. After all it is better to mock - I mean criticize- a book that you have actually read because otherwise you just sounds like an ass regurgitating the opinions of others.

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