Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello wall

So I have hit a wall. The problem is not that I am out of ideas or anything like that. No I don't have anything so poetic as writers block. I just can't focus long enough to put anything good on paper.

I am so bloody stressed out right now that my writing is choppy and has no flow at all. It seems a cruel joke of nature that my ADD flares up when I am stressed out and need to work out a valid solution.

I KNOW where I need my story to go next, I KNOW what point I need my stupid bitch of a main character to make in order to get there but I am unable to enact a smooth transition.

In other news I am job hunting again. The family I babysit for recently experienced a lay off and will no longer require my services. WHY WHY WHY does this shit always happen right before Christmas

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