Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time, I lack it

I have REALLY been meaning to update this but holy fuck batman I cant get 10 mins to myself. well except now when I obviously have time to type.

So I left off at Halloween. I believe you could probably quote me as saying I love Halloween, I recant.

After school six kids came over to watch Halloween specials eat cookies and then join me for a supper of worms and eye balls (they decided meat balls look more like eye balls than brains). There was minimal drama when one parent tried to take a kid home so they all stayed to trick or treat with me and their parents met us here at 6.

So there I was (stupid me) thinking wow these kids are being SO good and there is only one of me to six of them (age 1,2,5,5,6,8) so when we add 3 more grown ups to the mix it should get easier, Um NO.

See what happened was at 6 when we were getting ready to go there was no longer a clear chain of command for them to follow so all hell broke loose. We did after 20 mins though get them out of the house and no one was bleeding (at least not profusely)

So we go trick or treating and once we get on the street it starts going pretty smooth. I only screamed twice both for walking into a street although I yell to get off the grass a few times.

I dressed up and went trick or treating as well. SOME people refused to give me candy. Those commie bastards are so gonna get it. I was gonna egg their houses but though they might figure out It was me so I decided to wait until Christmas eve, Fuckers will never see it coming.

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