Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting my groove back.

It is coming slowly but surely. Having to rewrite what I already had done is harder than I thought because I keep thinking the original was better (even though it probably wasn't) and bemoaning the loss of that book. However I am moving forward again and hopefully I will soon be past the part that I already wrote once and ready to move on to the new and exciting part.

I am now living across the road from a library which is totally awesome and I am hoping it will boost productivity although in reality it will probably slow it because there are just too many books to read and not enough days in my life to read em all.

I am back into the swing of going to the Gym now as well. I went yesterday and realized that I lost 10lbs in February without even trying (no gym no diet) I guess that proves that stress really does burn calories.

Hopefully I will have my comp back soon and all my man candy photos with it. It is amazing how much I miss being able to link a random hottie to the bottom of a post when the mood strikes me.


  1. Maybe we could swap email addresses...for I have many mancandys on my computer.

    I call it a rescue mission. There's a woman who needs prawn, and I haz it! :D

  2. You have my email I believe.

    The insurance dill holes handling all he fire related stuff haven't even STARTED our electronics yet. I have no TV, no DVD player and no computer to call my own. I mean really, how is a girl expected to fill her eyegasm quotient under said circumstances.