Friday, March 20, 2009

better late than never ...... I guess.

I finally got an inventory list from the insurance company this week. Not bad it only took them a month, and then some. It was incomplete, which is hardly surprising. What did surprise me was some of the stuff they missed. I can understand how they missed Ethan's UB Funky toy but how on earth did they miss
  • A sectional couch
  • A computer desk
  • A computer chair
  • An end table
I mean really this is not something you may have simply overlooked. This stuff is HUGE. Incompetent asshats.

They are also Lazy. They did my kitchen first. Evey grocery item I had was labeled with the bran and the weight and any other irrelevant information they could fit in the space. Yet for each room they only write x number of books. How am I supposed to know if any books are missing if you lazy bastards don't even give me titles?

Of course teh universe must balance its self somehow though and with all that douchebaggery behind me tonight we are having a late St. Paddy's Day party.

WOOT bust out the booze and let the immature foolishness commence.

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