Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Cause you needed to know that

Random facts about yours truly.

  1. I will often forget to eat or sleep if I am reading a good book. Peeing happens only when it is an emergency and the book travels with me.
  2. I do things just to say I did. Like smoking in the boys room.
  3. People were shocked when I got married and still after almost five years ask my husband how he did it.
  4. I am just as likely to sing a Mariah Carey song as an Alice Cooper one.
  5. I think willful ignorance should be met with corporal punishment.
  6. I collect Smurfs.
  7. I lost count of how many times I read "The Long Walk" after 12.
  8. I genuinely like very few people. In fact I probably have enough digits to count them all.
  9. I don't drink coffee or tea.
  10. I have a tattoo and plan to get more
  11. Once I cut off a piece of my finger. Despite doctors saying it was impossible it grew back.
  12. I love being on stage in any capacity.
  13. I hate cell phones. The best part of grocery shopping is being incommunicado, I don't want life finding me.
  14. I have severe ADD, and mild OCD. this means nothing ever gets finished but it is always perfectly started.
  15. I have an IQ of 186.
  16. Despite said IQ I often do the stupidest things imaginable.
  17. I love working out. It is the only physical release I get for my anger since DH strongly disapproves of my desire to 'smack the stupid' out of people I meet.
  18. My first major celebrity crush was Marky mark
  19. all these years later I still see no reason to regret that
  20. I think tattoos are very sexy and all men should have a few.
  21. If I had my way I would have nine kids.
  22. I once beat the shit out of a would be abductor with a shoe.
  23. I have no fear of walking alone at night in any city I have ever been in.
  24. Spiders reduce me to a blubbering idiot.
  25. Despite this I have a spider tattooed on my body .
  26. I kissed a girl once and decided it was overrated. Tried a few more times though just to be sure.
  27. 5 years ago I had never seen a super hero movie. Now I own more than I care to count and have numerous crushes on men in tights (or iron)
  28. I love live music. I have seen Thorn Lee, Novax, Sloan, Alice Cooper, Hot hot heat, Econoline crush, Treble Charger, Sum 41 and Dr. Hook. This is not nearly enough though and I intend to expand on that.
  29. I am horrible with names and give most everyone I meet a nickname. Some are innocent enough like "flower girl" but others like "captain acne" should probably be kept to myself.
  30. I hate when the music I like find its way into radio shuffle. Buck Cherry, Jason Maraz and Hinder are all prime examples of music I loved but got overplayed.
  31. I can talk books until the other persons eyes glaze over.
  32. I have only ever put down one book without finishing it and that was "Viking" by Fabio. "Old man and the sea" would be on that list too though if I hadn't had to write a report on it.
  33. I love 80's hair metal.
  34. I have natural red hair but everyone thinks it comes from a bottle
  35. I define "low maintenance"
  36. One year Billy forced me to celebrate Valentines day but agreed to let me pick the movie. We watched Hannibal. Now he pretends the day doesn't exist.
  37. I also don't celebrate anniversaries.
  38. I have still not finished the original Mario game.
  39. I often laugh at the conversations going on in my head. Drives everyone around me batshit.
  40. Despite getting knocked up repeatedly by accident I seem to be having an exceptionally hard time doing it on purpose.
  41. I absolutely despise fan fiction. It doesn't matter how well written it is you are still mooching off another persons ideas.
  42. I am the oldest of six children.
  43. No we don't all have the same parents, in fact no two sibs in my family have the same parents.
  44. In the seventh grade I failed a genealogy project because the teacher couldn't read my family tree.
  45. I saw star wars for the first time when I was pregnant with my oldest and too fat to move. My brother had taped then off the TV so I watched them one after the other. The last 15 mins of the last movie was missing. To this day I have not seen the "I am your father" bit.
  46. In high school teachers used to complain that I didn't put in enough effort. Apparently they were unaware of how much effort it takes to graduate when you rarely go to class
  47. I play magic cards and love going to tournaments.
  48. I paid $40 for a Lord Soth figurine.
  49. When my parents first met my now husband they were shocked by the lack of piercings, tattoos and criminal records.
  50. I often add old high school acquaintances (whom I hated) as facebook friends just to see if they got fat.
  51. In most cases they did but there are a few regrettable exceptions.
  52. I am only doing this because I can't figure out what to do with my characters at the exact moment. There are two equally appealing possibilities.
  53. I love Lindt chocolate truffles. They are defiantly the food of the gods.
  54. Alice Cooper was a major inspiration for mt current WIP.
  55. I am currently playing Dungeons and Dragons.
  56. I have an obsession with flair on facebook.
  57. I am the only licensed driver in my house, there are days I hate it.
  58. I go a bit overboard at Christmas, Like I bake a bazillion cookies and give out home made chocolates overboard.
  59. I could totally be a hermit as long as I had internet.

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